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More Listeners - Better Prices


Our new plans allow you more listener at better prices.  You get up 500, 1,000 or 1,500 listeners depending on plan.  You can stream at any speed up to 192kbps.

These are the same quality servers as our regulat SHOUTcast & ICEcast servers.  Dedicated Bandwidth means no buffering for your station.

Xtreme Plan

$29 US per month

2 X Plan

$49 US per month

3 X Plan

$99 US per month

For small stations & new stations Our most popular. Used by many stations For larger & established stations
Up to 128 kbps Up to 160 kbps Up to 192 kbps
500 Listeners 1,000 Listeners 1,500 Listeners
500 Gigs Bandwidth 1,000 Gigs Bandwidth 2,000 Gigs Bandwidth
Buy Now Buy Now   Buy Now


Q: What's the catch?

A: There is none.  Some people want the capacity to handle many more listeners on certain days of the week without buying them for the entire month.  This is the way to do it.


Q: What happens if I go over my monthly bandwidth limit ?

A: The easiest way is to upgrade to the next level.  For example, if you are at 500 Gigs per month, then just order the next size package.


Q: Will I be turned off if I go over ?

A: The computer will cap your streaming activity until the next month.  In the Centovacast panel you can see exactly how much bandwidth you are using.  If you think you are going over, just upgrade to next level.


Q: How can I see how much bandwidth I am using for the month ?

A: On your Centovacast Control Panel, the bandwidth usage is listed on the top.